THE LIVING MUSEUM | HET LEVEND MUSEUM is a new way of experiencing art its artist and the museum. An art experience in which the avant-garde of art, music, fashion, dance, performance art is presented, an art experience which is created in collaboration with groundbreaking artists, giving a new meaning to the word museum.

THE LIVING MUSEUM | HET LEVEND MUSEUM was born out of passion trying to push creative boundaries forward and creating a new platform for artists to be able to present their art and themselves in a new way. And for its visitors to experience art in a new way than the usual in order to create unforgettable memories.

We love to collaborate with and present underground artists, those who with fearless passion for their arts, those who dare to break taboos, those true to themselves and try do do something new.

THE LIVING MUSEUM | HET LEVEND MUSEUM was founded in loving memory of the beloved highly imaginative Julio Tomiyama.